Sale Botanic Gardens photo walk

On a recent trip to East Gippsland, I arranged a Photo Walk with some of the locals at Sale’s Botanic Gardens. We had yet another gorgeous day, a little cool first thing, but it soon warmed up in the bright Autumn sun.

We spent about one and half hours wandering the grounds, stalking the wild peacocks and chatting about all things photographic. As it was so late in the season, not too many flowers about, but some lovely Autumn colours.

Soon it was time to say goodbye. This rounded out my business obligations in East Gippsland and we spent the rest of our trip having a mini holiday and exploring the region. Will post more pics of our adventures soon.

A big thank you to East Gippsland for showing us a great area, putting on some marvellous weather and everyone was so nice!

~ Julz