Faeries in the Garden?

I seems to me that my day to day themes are continuously adapting, changing and taking on new form. Today I just wanted to put in a few pics that I did as a trial for me Photographic Studio, I took the basic pic of a little girl posed on a chair, floor etc and then photoshopped in the Fairy Environment, with various other photos, and filters, brushes, gradients and who knows what else to create the fantasy images.

Now on the surface most people I have shown are going WOW……..however there a few issues with them and I normally am not looking for critique on my work, but if anyone has some helpful suggestions it would be appreciated, but please be nice πŸ™‚


Now I know I need to fix the foot on the reflection……..but the reflection sis still to perfect. I have blurred it with a gaussian blur but it is not quite enough??11393125_1456839781281506_5454779097077507092_n

I added a cast shadow and a drop shadow but she is still not in the picture so to speak, just popped in, i tried blurring the background a little, but still didn’t help………..any thoughts?11392771_1456851384613679_6221927420710898043_n

I need to add a reflection in the water, but same issues as above, how to make a good water reflection believable? Would love any feedback.

Happy snapping

– Julz