Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

Train-1106In My youth I used to travel into the city to go the the movies, meet friends, work, this sign was as familiar to me as my own reflection. It was the sign on the train platform I used to catch the train home. It was of course taken down many, many years ago and replaced with electronic and / or LED signs. I spotted it on a recent outing to a Train Museum, my heart did a little flutter…….it is a symbol of my youth, my yearning for independence, my becoming an adult. It was nice to see it again, like an old friend. I did not appreciate it when it was relevant back then………none of us probably did, apart from one rare soul, who saw it for what it was, kept it and saved it for a museum so many, many years later people could remember and enjoy it. I know I got a real kick out of it…………and a post!

Til next time………….Happy Snapping,

– Julz