Fabulous Friday – Light Painting

Picnic DinnerI thought I’d follow this morning’s post on Deanne Holmer with some of my pics and exploits from the recent light painting workshop. Just a few months ago, we were standing around mid winter in very cold conditions, possibly considering set fire to our toes, just to keep warm lol. Moth and I had no real idea what we were doing and did not know anyone we were going to meet, in a strange place we had never been. Jump forward a few months………………it was a very warm, humid night full of summer like thunderstorms, we had now been to Bradmills a few times and knew where we were going and what we wanted to achieve, and of course we now knew our Hosts – Dee & Bill.

We arrived early and quickly made our rounds to check out the new artworks, amid the clutter, rubbish, car bodies and junk. There was a lot more debris this time, and it appears to have become a dumping ground as well as an artists collective of sorts. Managed to snap a few sunset shots, but not very impressive (the big storm came later).

Courtesy Melbourne Photography Excursions
Courtesy Melbourne Photography Excursions

We then had the ‘safety talk’, group photo and the first demonstrations, as it was getting dark. Just as Bill was getting right into the Flaming Fire orbs and such the big storm hit……..I have to confess to being a little torn, there was a lot of lightning outside, but Bill’s fire balls were still more impressive (as always!). After that we had another session in Graffiti light painting with Buster and then we split off into groups. It was great this time around, Moth and I were more confident and went from group to group trying various different items and then grabbed some tools and went off on our own. I really wanted to write our names, I tried and tried…….I just could not get it, Moth tried once! and got it first time, so then I made him do mine, his and the Girls. I would love to try with sparklers, but I forgot the bring them!

Anyway we had a lot of fun, I will leave it here for now with a gallery of some new images.