Newborn Baby Shoot – Xavier, 14 Days Young

As most of you may know I have been working with my Niece (in Law) and Nephew on The Baby Project, every month we took a photo of the ever increasing baby bump and noted on the progress. Little did we know when we first started, the long journey ahead of us. Mummy to be was so sick the whole pregnancy and as any good Mother, she dealt with it with dignity and love for the child she carried. Even when she had no wish to pose, she did anyway, she had waited so long for this little one, she wanted to capture every minute. At 36 weeks Bubba could wait no longer to be in his loving parents arms and came a little early weighing a tiny 2kg (barely 5lbs). He is tiny, but perfect. His name is Xavier.

After spending the first week in hospital I finally got my cuddles……..I was happy to bide my time, as there were other Grandparents, Uncles and Aunts, cousins who wanted their turn first………but I knew once I got him in the studio, he was all mine!!! He is such a good baby, loves his cuddles and barely grizzled while I pushed, pulled and dragged him round like a rag doll……….well not quite that bad, but they do require a lot of posing. He settled quickly into most poses, although not overly happy being naked!

No messy incidents either……….see sooooo good! Anyway not much more to say, I’ll leave you with some images of sweet baby Xavier at a tender 14 days young.

til next time, happy snapping………