Regular Random, Five Minutes with Macarons

So I had some of these very tempting macarons left from a workshop last weekend, I cannot eat them, regardless of how yummy they looked, but my daughter told me they were very nice 🙂

I started with four left overs and then one disappeared (oops macaron 0, concrete floor 1), but spent an interesting few minutes with the small amount I had, I have always wanted to shoot these little delicacies, but as I cannot eat them, I would not normally buy them.

For more info on Regular Random, pop on over to Desley’s page for her fabulous photos!

~ Julz

In the Studio – Introducing Ally Xu

I believe in Karma and my Muse, so when Karma drops a model in my path and my Muse says “that’s her, that’s her” I have to say yes. It was pure bliss with Nikki a few weeks ago and then lighting hit with Miss Ally Xu. I met Ally online and we arranged a date, she is just getting started with modelling, but is very keen to learn, also has a love of theatrics and costumes…….and brought a whole heap with her. Oh, SO much fun.

I really had no idea of what we were shooting, so I was completely blind, feeling my way through with both no preconceived concept and a new model; just proves how much I have grown over the last year or so. No Doubts, and no hesitation I just jumped in. We played with levitation, some more epic Snow White, we even brought in the Creepy Man (Aka Moth), wonderfully epic cinematic costumes and lighting. We even tried a bit of light painting as well. This girl nailed the brooding evil villain, the strong proud warrior and even the sad little lost girl. I’m sure she would rock fashion as well, but conceptual shoots? Man she was great!

I am sure you will see more of her in the future too…

~ Julz

Mondays Musings…

Go big or Go home..isn’t that what they say? So I jumped, sometimes you have to make a leap of faith that all your training, your planning and sheer determination will make an endeavor pay off; sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. This weekend marked the launch of Pixel Sisters Studio, I wrote about this yesterday. We also had out Instagram, Website and Facebook all went live as well. Desley and I have been very busy behind the scenes, planning and arranging our very first workshop, which is already starting to fill up, so very exciting.


I ran another of my own smaller workshops from the home studio on Saturday, Light and bright, cakes and candies; I dubbed it the Sweet Tooth Workshop. People commented it was the tastiest workshop they have ever done…lets hope I have not set a dangerous precedent 🙂


Sunday was the last of the planning and editing I had left to do and just pottering around, even a bit of a tidy up in the studio.

Oh and did I mention I had another two images published in Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine (page 8) last week, yay me!

Julie Powell_Barn Owl-1

I am hoping to work with another new model next weekend and getting everything arranged for the next Pixel Sisters Workshop.

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead, safe travels and happy snapping…

~ Julz

Introducing – Pixel Sisters Studio

I have been hinting at something big being afoot again lately and now I can finally let you in it…..Drum Roll please;

Pixel Sisters

Desley (Desley Jane Pictures – and I have started a new business venture together, creating fun photography workshops for Melbourne based photographers. They say you should go big or go home, right? So we have been extremely busy of late, we have a brand new website –, a Facebook page and an Instagram Account. We are moving all this to a large professional photography studio in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs and the first workshop is set for 29th July, this has been a huge undertaking and a big adventure for both of us. Until then I am still running a couple of small workshops in my home studio, but it’s time to go big!


Our first Workshop is a Floral Fantasy Still Life and Macro, (honestly did you really expect anything else from us two?), but we are planning more workshops with varied themes, including; Desley’s Planner stuff and my Conceptual Portraiture, with lots of other fun stuff thrown in too. We will be catering to all levels of photographer, with an aim to getting beginners off auto and exposing seasoned photographers to different genres.

So if you are in Melbourne, check out what we have on offer and perhaps join us, if you live elsewhere in the world, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, as we will be posting lots of fabulous images and BTS stuff as well.

~ The Pixel Sisters (aka,  Julz and Desley)


In the Studio – Glamour shoot with Nikki…

I know I have already done a few posts with Nikki, but we did such a diverse range of styles in one shoot, I felt it only fair to split them up…… Snow White, Tarot and today’s Post is a glamour shoot, some of these shots almost look like they belong in a bridal magazine, not my normal forte at all; but I was really happy with them.

The ballgowns I was given a while back are getting quite the workout, and it was fun to drag the old smoke machine back out of it’s box again too

~ Julz


In the Studio – Boho Forest Fairies, with Desley

What makes a huge studio concept shoot even more fun? Sharing it with friends. I had Desley (Musings of a frequent flying scientist) join me in the studio for a Conceptual Boho Forest Fairies  Photo shoot, as opposed to our normal Still Life, which we normally do together. This was Desley’s first time shooting under lights in the studio with models, we had my favourite girls Jess and Mel come in, with dresses, makeup and wigs by Micaela (Glam to Perfection), we refuelled the Smoke Machine, we also got smoke emitters, Floral Crowns were specially made by Desflora. Oh what a day…….three hours in make-up and then three hours in the studio.

While the girls were getting ready Desley and I set up, checking lights and things, while also organising a few bits and pieces………I think I can spill the beans (a little) Desley and I have formed a business Partnership and will be teaching Workshops out of a big Photographic Studio…..Pixel Sisters Studiois about to be officially launched shortly, stay tuned.

Now the Boho Forest Fairies did not come without it’s share of issues, the original outfits (ratty tutus and corsets) were not used as A) Jess had a fabulous outfit she brought with her, B) Jess also fell in love with another dress she wore for part of the shoot and C) none of the corsets and most of the dresses would NOT fit Meellisa and her ample bosom…in fact I only have one dress that fits this girl, and she didn’t bring any backups…oops! We also could not find any fairies wings I particularly liked (they were all covered in feathers……fairies have dragonfly wings, not angel wings!),  so I resorted to shooting without and adding them in Photoshop on a few.

This was also my first time working with smoke emitters (AKA Smoke bombs – but we are no longer allowed to use that word)…oh dear, lucky for me Desley and her cool hand luke persona were there. We tried one in the studio (with ALL doors open), there was a LOT of smoke, but what we didn’t count on was it falling apart, poor Mel got a slight burn on her arm (nothing major) and a big chunk of it fell on Jess’s wig, which Desley quickly snatched away; getting her own minor burn 😦  before Jess’s wig went up in flames, a few minor scorch marks, but Jess was all OK. And it stinks! I mean really stinks. Luckily the weather was good, so we ended up going to the local park to play with some more smoke, the late winter afternoon sunlight hit the smoke in the most beautiful shafts of light……….so dreamy.

Julie Powell_Forest Fairies-1

Not much else to say, so I will just post a few pics………I took SO MANY!!!

And here is a few behind the scenes shots……..I really must remember to take more!

~ Julz, xo

In the Studio – Tarot with Nikki…

Pretty much any model who graces my studio gets a request to shoot a Tarot Card or two, newbies no exception 🙂 some of the darker cards are now all done, and I am working on some of the lighter ones.

The Star

Loss, Theft, privation, abandonment, also possibly hope and bright prospects.

The Star


Economy, moderation, frugality, management, accommodation


The World

Assured success, recompense, voyage route, emigration, flight, change of place



Equity, rightness, probity, executive triumph of the deserving side in law

Julie Powell_Justice

I am beginning to get quite a collection now, it is exciting to see it all coming together, but still so many more to go.

~ Julz

In the Studio…Snow White

This actual shoot was a bit of a two parter, I set all this up and had a model no show, frustrating, but what can you do? Then Karma handed me Nikki…I love how things often just work out they way they are supposed to. She was wonderful and so easy to work with. So we actually did a few different mini shoots, as we worked them all quite quickly…the first of which is Snow White; but more of a Grimm Fairy Tale than a Disney Classic 🙂

Keep it simple, but elegant, let the story paint the picture…




To be honest apart from initial set up I really did nothing to the images, the smoke machine was shot on set, and I cleaned up a few marked on the white background (impossible to keep clean).

~ Julz

Regular Random – 5 Minute Roses

I was at a loss as to what to shoot for this week’s Regular Random, hence why it is so late, but I was cleaning up the studio and just about to throw out these almost dead roses, and then the late afternoon sunlight hit them, I pulled one out and placed on the table, then grabbed my camera and went to work.

Something so pretty about this poor wilted blossom, I love the eucalypt leaves as well.

For more information, visit Desley Jane’s page, but for now I think I’m finally done for this week’s challenge 🙂

~ Julz

Monday’s Musings

Wow Winter is really officially here, it’s been frosty in the mornings and nights are FRESH! But that doesn’t stop me, we had another busy weekend; I spent Saturday finishing up some new YouTube videos, as well as some videos for other projects, plus really working on some new Australian Animal pieces

Julie Powell_Helmeted Honeyeater-1

I won a few FB Awards and banner pics with this image……… cool, very Spring for a cold, wet and windy Winter’s day.

I then had a shoot with a new Model, I think we clicked and worked together very well, so I am sure you will see lots more with her, this is Nikki…


I actually had two shoots on Sunday and a mini Still Life shoot as well, so now I have lots of editing to do 🙂

My Exhibit at Brunswick Street Gallery finished on Friday, but my other exhibit at Scugnizzo is still going.

Not much else to say….I hope you all have a fabulous week.

~ Julz