Manic Mondays

We are on a roll with another 3 day weekend, this time it is Labour Day, us Melbournians call it Moomba. It’s a silly name with loads of meaning; it signals the official winding down of the Summer festivals and a signifies that Autumn is here, we celebrate with street parades and fireworks, food and wine festivals and more; we even have a King and Queen of Moomba – it changes every year.I did plan on a attending another fireworks photo shoot on Saturday night, but I was so tired from my shoots on Saturday, so we didn’t end up slogging through Melbourne with all our gear. Just as well apparently brawls broke out and the police had to intervene.

My little angel Grace was back with her Mum and Dad and extended family and new cousin Hunter.I have been shooting Grace since she was a newborn and it’s so lovely her family are regulars; I get to capture her growing up, she is getting so big!

The other excitement came in for form of the new outdoor furniture finally arriving, and I got to set it all up, with plants and nik naks and stuff………..such fun (yeah I know girly) stuff to do. But isn’t it so pretty? Still more work to do, but when you work all week and then on Saturday it leaves little time, thank goodness we have so many long weekends over the summer months. I can’t wait for the official chill out party to commence! :-). I get such lovely light in here I think I might have to do more shoots out here too. Isn’t it funny how we often ignore what is right in front of us?

DSC_4462Sunday I took some members from my Tog group and a special guest out to explore the Wilson Botanic Gardens nearby, it was still quite warm and humid, but some of the Autumn colours are coming out. There was a Dog Group there with their dogs setting up for a shoot, so we joined in and took some pics. We then took my special guest Desley out to visit some of our favourite spots in the Dandenongs. Desley complained she had lost her creative photo mojo a little of late (with all her move to a new city and all), so I dragged her out with us; careful what you wish for lol. Honestly we had a lot of fun! But man did my feet hurt.

I have the usual challenges on this week, I have scaled back some and picked up new ones this year, I still do Cee’s Fun Foto, B&W and Compose Yourself challenges. I have picked up Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge. There is also Desley’s Contemplation postsΒ and don’t forget my own challenge; Cover Make Over; don’t be shy…….join in it’s fun for all levels.

I have also started a new photographic series as well, I am going to be working with flowers and fruits, doing a studio shoot on light, shadow and shape, partly for my Awake course, but also for myself. I am not sure if it will be exhibition material, but hopefully will give my portfolio some depth and artistic character. Taking my photos more into the realm of art than photography; but more on that later in the week.

Not much else to add, need to get stuck into some more editing, I hope you all have a truly awesome week, til next time, happy snapping…