Brooke Shaden’s 15 Day Content Creation Challenge – Part 3

The final part of this challenge, I wrote about Part 2 here, I confessed to struggling a little bit last week, as I was overthinking things, shooting and editing and then writing about one image every day for fifteen days is extremely taxing and challenging, but when I decided to take a step back and simplify things, I found my creativity flowing again

Day 11 – Diversity, Challenge – Use a Stranger

So many people came up with wonderful alternatives to the literal, including using themselves as a stranger, their shadow, their inner voice etc. I used a literal Stranger. I struck up a conversation with this guy in the street, such an eclectic mix of hippie, biker, prophet, that beard and sunnies and the leather and tatts, but something so soulful about his eyes and smile. He was so friendly and relaxed in himself; I asked if I could take his photo and he said yes. JuliePowell_Puzzled by Diversity

Day 12 – Pressure, Challenge – Use water

Brooke did an amazing piece with herself trapped inside an upside down fish bowl, inside a fish bowl, inside yet another fish bowl and I really wanted to create something like that, but not copy. I ended up with a different direction, but I am quite happy with how it turned out.

When too much pressure builds up, something has to give before cracks start to appear and all hope gets lost.

JuliePowell_Under Pressure

Day 13 – Forgotten, challenge – Use paper

This piece ended up nowhere near where it began, apart from something about a forgotten melody in the Australian Outback, I’m not really sure how I ended up here. The Model is by Colby Files (Thanks)the Outback painting is my own. I used Topaz Glow to create the illustrative effect. I have never used it before, so that was an interesting few hours.


Day 14 – Flight, challenge – create interesting wings

This is not a new photo, I took the original image last Summer on a field trip with my daughters. I kept thinking about Neverland and the third star to the right and dreaming about flying away.

“Dreams can take flight if we let them”


JuliePowell_Finding Neverland
Finding Neverland

I created the rag tag wings from bits of stick and shredded cloth added the moon and stars and made the whole image look like night time.

Day 15 – Growth, challenge – Use Yourself

This image I procrastinated with the most, I wanted, yet loathed taking another self-portrait. The general premise was that I am a Master Magician bringing forth the tree of Wisdom, making it grow. It came out creepier than I planned it also seems to have morphed into a crazy Christmas Tree

JuliePowell_Tree of Growth & Wisdom
Tree of Growth and Wisdom

Definitely not one of my favorite images, that’s for sure, here is a look back at the images created from the start.

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It was an interesting challenge and I think I learned a lot, I forced myself to create at least three self-portraits, not in the conventional sense, but I still put myself in front of the camera…something I am attempting to do more and more. I tried to explore themes I have not done before or to look at them in a different light. Even though some of them are not masterpieces, I am very proud of a few and I think I bared a little of my soul with some of them.

~ Julz