Monday’s Musings…

Yay! It’s finally Spring! We had blue skies and gentle winds and we grabbed the chance to finally get out of the house. We got up early yesterday, just to get on the road at a decent hour. We had only just decided the night before to head to Central Northern Victoria, to a small town called Heathcote. I had recently some friends visit the region and took some wonderful photos of some interesting sites, so that’s where we headed. Sun streaming in the car windows and blue skies from one side of the horizon to the other, wonderful. I just wanted to reconnect with nature, and that meant getting out of the city. We could have gone to the coast, but as we are heading off for tropical beach soon, I needed some Outback Australia…well not real outback, but very country. Our tickets items for the day were; waterfall, canola fields, old bridges and some pink cliffs (Well they are not really pink, but they call them pink).

I also wanted green grass, blue skies and spring blossoms and wide open spaces. Great day for cruisin’ with some tunes.

Saturday was cold and wet and windy, so I spent the day in the Studio, playing with my new camera, some leftover roses from my birthday and just spent a few enjoyable hours, just pottering around.

Not much else to say, been very busy with other projects, nothing really to bore you with. Will post some more pics soon.

Have a great week…

~ Julz, xo