Share Your World – 12th December 2017

Apparently, Cee is still having internet trouble, so Laura from Riddle from the Middle, has stepped up and given us her questions for this week. A few of us have jumped on board.

Is your second toe longer than your big toe? Apparently, this is called Morton’s Toe, a common affliction with which people suffer from anxiety and do not remember their dreams? But I do often remember my dreams, which it seems to be uncommon for this affliction. I do occasionally suffer from anxiety if my workload is too heavy, public speaker, get lost while driving, but apart from that, I would not say it is something I suffer from.

What happens when your dog dreams? I have one dog who apparently does not dream? She barely moves and sleeps lightly. I do have another dog who sleep soundly and dreams all the time; running, twitching, occasionally even barking and growling. He will suddenly jump up sometimes and jump around until he realizes where he is, looks a bit confused and lies back down and promptly falls asleep. On another note, I think the cats sometimes chase birds in their sleep too!

What is on your closet floor right now? Shoes…….perhaps a t-shirt that fell off its hanger, but really only shoes. I am not saying it is overly tidy, but everything has its place.

Name five books on your bookshelf? At home I don’t really have a bookshelf anymore, we have E-readers, and I have so many books on my E-reader I do not know where to start, but I so seldom actually read, sad I know, but holidays are coming up and I might get a chance to read them. At work, I have really boring business books; Social Media and Marketing Strategies, Essentials in Negotiations, The 25 best time management tools, and techniques, Time Management, Breaking the Ice, Where’s the Cheese?

Name something that inspired you this week This one is really easy, I came across a post by the photographer of a group of friends who got together and created a 2 year long, low budget group project, The Marie Antoinette Project. Seriously, check out the link, these photos are totally stunning and amazingly and lovingly put together

Pop on over to Laura’s page for her answers for this week’s challenge, and don’t forget to visit Cee’s page for our regular challenge

~ Julz