Our Tasmanian Adventure – Day 19

Our trip over on the ferry was mostly calm, I was violently woken about Midnight by being thrown against the wall in my bunk, it was quite turbulent until about 3am, poor Moth did not fare much better on this trip than last and got little sleep. We were woken at 5:45am by the onboard intercom and grabbed a coffee before waiting for departure after the Spirit had docked in Melbourne. It was cold, grey and miserable…welcome back to Melbourne! It took forever to disembark and I think we were one of the very last cars to get off.

We finally left, drove the hour trip back home. Smiles all around from animals and daughter – who had been looking after all the animals. It was so nice to be back home. Although there were three weeks worth of washing to do, the car had to be unpacked and cleaned and there were literally thousands of photos to sort through, but first – coffee!

We travelled nearly 3,000km on our trip, and we had an amazing time. My favourite spots were Mount Field National Park, Marrawah, Stanley, Wineglass Bay, Richmond and Port Arthur

I hope you have enjoyed this trip, almost as much as we did. I am already looking forward to the next trip away, just a few small ones this year and then I am about to start planning another big trip for 2019! I am hoping to finally get back to New Zealand – I keep saying that every year, but it just keeps getting postponed.

~ Julz, xo

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