Summer Outings – Light Painting at Lilydale Lake

Last Thursday evening we packed up the car and drove out to Lilydale Lake (about 45mins away) for a wonderful evening of Light Painting. Ir had been quite a warm and humid day and continued to be a balmy Summer evening. It turned out there were about 50 photographers there that night, which IMHO is way too many, but we did get some shots off.

Last time I shot with these Light Painters was the night before my old camera dies and many of my images were blurry, so it was great to get some good shots this time, not quite the same ones…but that’s OK, all in the fun of it.

Due to the high fire risk, we could not do the flaming steel wool or sparklers, but we still had lots of fun with lights. We also got some great reflections when Brad did some light painting while standing IN the lake!

~ Julz