Fairy Stories – Autumn & Winter

I often surprise myself, when and where my inspiration comes from. Earlier in the day a friend of mine posted a couple of bird photos, raven or crow (I prefer ravens but I am not 100% what these are) and I asked if I could ‘steal’ them to play with. Kellye kindly sent me two high res jpegs. OK so NOW what? That night Hubby was playing games on the PS4 and I was a little bored to be honest. I had been on the PC all day and needed a break, so I was watching Hubby’ game. Suddenly this idea just flashed into my head, the colours the concept everything. Must have been the colours and animation from the game that sparked it off I guess. Instead of scribbling down notes and making a sketch in my journal…I head for the PC and voila Fairy Stories was created.

Fairy Stories – Autumn

I soon followed this up with a winter version…

A Winters Tale

I then proceeded to make a Spring version, so taken with this mini project I then started a Summer version too. I will add these in another post. It was great fun to stretch my creativity, I have not done much whimsical stuff lately and these are so cute.

~ Julz