Southern Brown Bandicoot

They may look like a large rat but the Southern Brown Bandicoot are a small mammal and a marsupial. Australia is quite well known for our strange marsupials, mostly the Koala and Kangaroo, but we actually have so many more species.

This little guy is quite endangered, but there is a happy little community at Australia Gardens, where I spotted these guys this past week. Normally nocturnal I saw 5 or 6 on this last trip, the most I have ever seen. I normally visit in the afternoon, this day I went mid afternoon.

These last few images this little bandicoot was having dinner and digging for mealworms and other insects. Completely ignoring us, as we stepped ever closer to take our photos. So cute, right? Not quite as cute as the Eastern Barred bandicoot…but still cute.

~ Julz