Tropical Getaway – Part 2

While I am still going through so many photos, I thought I might start with Kuranda. Located about 45 minute drive from Cairns in tropical Far North Queensland is the beautiful little town of Kuranda, way up in the Mountains. Many come up here to escape the heat, as it is generally a few degrees cooler and not so humid. There is so much to do here, from tourist attractions, markets and stalls, food, shopping, arts and crafts, live music, hiking trails and more.

There is even a diorama of a plane crash in the Market…almost walked straight passed it, the surrounding rain forest already swallowing up…

DC3 Plane crash

We also visited the nearby Barron Falls, sadly not as much water flowing as I had hoped. We stopped here on our last trip and I am pretty sure there was more water back then. Oh well, we ended up seeing plenty of great waterfalls on our trip.

I will leave it here and come back next week, with lots more adventures and photos.

~ Julz