Weekend getaway – day two

We recently caught up with my youngest daughter who lives in Ipswich SE Queensland, we hadn’t seen her since our family holiday to Cairns last July. And before that, it has been over two years since we last saw her. She has a new house, a new dog and a new man in her life, and we hadn’t seen or met any of them yet. My eldest daughter (who still lives in Melbourne) flew up the week before and spent some time with her sister, then came home to house sit and look after our animals while we were gone. We didn’t have a lot of time – just five days, so we squeezed in as much time as we could.

We awoke to a drizzly Saturday morning, but that did stop us, we all jumped in the car and headed off towards Logan, there was a beautiful garden I wanted to check out…

Underwood Park

So in between showers we wandered around this lovely garden, there are soccer fields and a sports complex here as well, a great community park. A wedding party arrived not long after us for photos, then the rains came (again) and the whole wedding party, a few dog walkers and the four of us took shelter in the little gazebo, all while trying to maintain social distancing. Let’s say we still got a little wet lol.

We then headed off to Preistdale to visit a Chan Buddist temple.

Chung Tian Temple

We were a week or so early, looked like they were preparing for New Year Celebrations, but we still enjoyed wandering around the grounds. We were not allowed photos inside the temple, besides there was a service happening and we didn’t want to intrude. So we just wandered around for an hour or so and then left.

The next stop was Cedar Creek falls, SO BUSY, we couldn’t get near the place, so we headed off to Curtis Creek Falls. It was pouring with rain and while the waterfall would have been amazing, we would have been soaked and the paths muddy and dangerous. So instead we opted for a lovely long lunch in a cafe and chatted and watched the rainfall.

Next, we headed off to Mount Tamborine (well the town anyway) and wandered the shops, in particular the lolly and fudge shops. We tasted and bought a fair bit of fudge, which became dessert for the next few nights. By this stage, it was getting late so we drove back to my daughter’s place. We went out for dinner and just talked.

~ Julz