Composition shot of afternoon coffee
Composition shot of afternoon coffee

I thought I would try something a little different today. This is pretty much how my coffee mug appears to me by 3pm on a Friday afternoon. I took this shot in my office using my Samsung S4 camera phone, I turned the grid pattern on,  under settings and made sure that the mug was sitting on bottom third on the right hand side of the shot.

Original photo shot on Samsung S4 shot 7.11.2014

I used various filters and effects in Photoshop to take the original shot(above) and added a Gaussian Blur of 4.1 pixel to the background only, after I placed the mug itself on a separate layer. I then changed the hue so that it was black and white in the background only,  then adjusted the actual color on the mug to the following; Hue +101, Saturation +46 and Lightness +35. Kind of makes the whole image a little surreal and outlandish; AKA my Friday afternoons!

– Julz