10 Fantastic Day Trips to Explore around Melbourne

I love to explore my home town of Melbourne, sure there is the normal touristy stuff, then there is the nitty gritty places, most people know about, but don’t really seem to bother getting there. So I have made a list of some of the places I plan to visit of the next few months, in no particular order;

Drysdale Railway-2-151 – Australian Railway Historical Museum, Williamstown

I have not been here before, it is in Williamstown (missed it when we were actually in Williamstown the other week!) and looks to be extremely interesting, full of old trains, carriages and Melbourne History.

2 – Frog Hollow Reserve, Endeavour Hills

This is less than 10 minutes from home, and I have only just heard about it recently, I just love these little out of the way spots locally, that so few people know about.

Emerald Lake and Surrounding Areas

4 – Emerald Lake, Dandenong Ranges

Now this is more of a Summer thing as far as most people are concerned, as is the beach, but then there are too many people about. A better time for photography is in Autumn or Spring for the true colour, and not so crowded. Don’t forget the Puffing Billy Train and the old wooden bridge on the way in. Or catch the Puffing Billy Train itself  to Emerald Lake and have a picnic. I know it’s winter at the moment, so this maybe should be towards to end of my list.

5 – Mordialloc

I have been to Mordialloc many times over the years, but never with a camera, I have seen some amazing images taken at various times of the day and and different times of the year. This Winter I plan on going again, armed with my camera and most probably my ND Filters; the Pier, the Breakwater, so much to see.

Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens

6 – Alfred Nichols Memorial Gardens, Dandenong Ranges

Now I did go here is Summer, it was a lovely spot, shady and cool. However, when we went the ponds and lakes had all been emptied for maintenance and it lost quite a bit of appeal. I should have gone in Autumn when the colours were quite amazing I am told, however I was so busy that I didn’t get there this year and I am aiming for Springtime with all the flowers.

3 – Heritage Hill, Dandenong

Another little gem, I did not know existed til just the other day, I was driving past on a way to a meeting and saw the sign. I did a very quick stop and took mental note and decided I have to come back again soon. Historic buildings, Gardens and more, right in the heart of Dandenong.

Princes Pier-5-3

6 – Port Melbourne

Now I visited Port Melbourne not so long ago, briefly. I Plan on re visiting again with my ND Filter. Princes Pier, Beacon Cove. This is a stunning spot with such history and amazing views of Melbourne.

10 – Karkarook Park, Kingston Council

This is another one of those spots, I drive past on occasion, but have not actually stopped there, this year I will. It looks like a lovely park, with walking tracks and bike trails, I sure it is a fantastic spot to take the kids. In fact it is probably a really good spot to check out for family portraits! There is also nearby  Braeside Park, where Mum and I used to take the children when they were little, I have not been there in years.


7 – Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsula

In particular Pearse Road, I visited this spot a few weeks back when I did my Astro Photography, and I got some great shots, but not during the day. This is on the back side of Mornington Peninsula, which is the surf side. Great waves and another good spot for long exposure with the ND Filter.

Menton Beach-4-49 – Beaumaris

Actually it is not even really Beaumaris itself, but a particular spot in Beaumaris, Rennison Street. There is a fabulous little spot there ND long Exposure Photography People have been taken images of for ages, I just have not as yet been down there. I have been to other spots along there, also worth a look. Ricketts Point, Half Moon Bay, Mentone Beach. Well worth a day trip, yes even in Winter!

So that is my shooting list for the next month or so, some of these are not far from me and really wont take that long, others are a full day’s outing. So what will you do this Month or even further into the future?

Take care, have fun and travel safe and as always happy snapping!

– Julz