Winter Outings – Australian Steam & Locomotive Museum

WatercolorTrain-2-4The other week, Moth and I went out with a new Meet Ups group, to the Australian Steam and Locomotive Museum in Newport/ Williamstown in Melbourne, it is also know as the Train Cemetery; I now know why. They are privately funded, running on donations and door fees; which are minimal. Some of the trains are in need of desperate repair, and I am sure they are doing their best, but it is sad to see the state of some of these trains. It is a fascinating mix of old steam, diesel, and electronic Train-2-5trains from so many different eras. There are steam cranes (used to remove trains which had crashed, broken down etc off the tracks), as well as oil tankers, buffet cars, first class carriages from a long ago era.

There are signs, lights, bells, tracks, luggage, models, maps, signals, a signal house, ticket machines; the list is endless. I took so many photos, maybe I need to do a few posts. There was even a model railway. It was a wonderful afternoon, so interesting and the decay and rust were a photographers dream. Moth as per usual was having the time of his life looking at the the old gadgets, machinery and such.

So for now I will leave you with just a few images, perhaps I will do another post on the model railway, it was fascinating.

Til next time…………happy snapping

–  Julz