Trying to see things differently…

Robyn from Captivate Me, proposed a new challenge for October….to see if we can see things a little differently.

15 images that interest or inspire us – to get us to look at everything – and to look in a different way than we ever have before… or to stop and take notice when something catches our eye.

Look at ordinary things – look at objects, people or animals, reflections, movement – watch the light and shadow – look at textures (on a tree or a wall or textiles?) – look at organic and manmade – look closely and look far away. In focus or not in focus.. Moody or a lighter feel (try different exposures and aperture too). Experiment. Find what appeals to you. It is very different for everybody.


Maybe not off to the best start, but here we go. I am sitting in my office and just looking for inspiration for something else, I frequently stare out this window, at well nothing really just the warehouse, and I started looking at this little wooden elephant I have sitting on my window ledge; I also have another on my computer screen. Anyway I was looking and looking, at the eye and the tusk and the grooves in the timber, the way the light from the warehouse skylights created almost a rim light. I have absolutely no idea what the writing on the side means either, I have never really looked at this little guy so intently before, I am not even sure if I have even noticed the writing on it before? I only had my phone with me and not my DSLR, so I used my Lenka App, which means B&W, but that is OK because I find that colour can sometimes be distracting.

He is hand carved in timber (what kind I have no idea), from India and was a gift from a colleague, who knows I happen to have a fondness for elephants. It’s funny, this was given to me possible a year ago, maybe more and I literally put it on the window ledge and have not looked at it (I mean REALLY looked at it) since.

So what can you see differently around you?

~ Julz