Monday’s Musings…

It’s been week 4 since I got sick, but I think I am now finally over most of it, still got this damn cough 😦 Still it did not stop me from having a wonderfully creative weekend. Hubby is home sick so he enjoyed the fruits of my labour in the kitchen, last week was lemon cheesecake, this week was scrambled egg muffins, zucchini noodles with basil pesto, berry yogurt crunch and a few other things I have been testing and shooting. I don’t think he HATES my food photography lol.

I spent an awesome day between the kitchen and the studio, such fun. The more I get involved in food photography, the more I love it, it can be so addictive.

I had ordered this wooden mannequin hand, it finally arrived the other day, so of course, I had to play with that in the studio as well. Started a fabulous new light painting series.

Julie Powell_The Rose

Saturday was cool but sunny and no rain, and the day of a Vintage shopping spree which I had organised with my still life photographers group. Not as large a turn out as I had hoped, but we had LOADS of fun and spent up big, bargains and treasures were found everywhere we went. I have so many new treasures to shoot and spent a bit of time on Sunday doing just that. Here are just a few from one location.


The days are getting quite cold by about 3.30pm, so we have been staying inside where it is warm, binge-watching stuff on TV, as everything is on Summer break we have decided to do something we have been talking about for a while, watch Supernatural from the very start. We used to watch it, then lost track of when and where it was on and got lost of the plot and eventually gave up, we are not even really sure WHICH season we are up to and it has been so long we have forgotten most of it, so we decided to start right back at the very beginning, only on season 2, but already we have seen an episode we both swear we have never seen before.

I have got lots of stuff to shoot, lots of stuff to edit, a big weekend of workshops and shoots coming up…so stay tuned. Oh, my new fractal prism filters turned up too, so I want to have some playtime with those as well! Busy, busy, busy…

~ Julz, xo