Oceanic Mermaids

Last week I was featuring some of the art I created from a recent group shoot, 30 photographers and two models. We were joined on the day by Jess Ami and Jess Garrett (at least their names were easy to remember lol).

We occasionally do these big group shoots, so that there is a central pool of funds to purchase fantastic costumes, pay models and such. We had a few members scouting beach locations and they settled on Half Moon Bay, the lovely rocks and backdrop of the HMAS Cerberus wreck, made for a great location.

Sadly due to all the bushfire smoke still hanging around there was almost no sunset, we aimed for a sunset shoot, but alas a white blanket of smoke and cloud blocked the sun. It did, however, offer a beautiful diffused light to shoot with. Anyway, here are my final images…

This is the video with some behind the scenes and a  compilation of my final shots.

~ Julz

P.S. Stay tuned I have another group shoot coming up shortly.

Costumes and Concept…Bevlea Ross, Models – Jess Ami, Jess Garrett