Spring Outings – Ballarat Gardens

I recently managed to visit a friend and photographer in regional Ballarat, we had not seen each other in months, thanks to the lockdown. It was so good just to wander through the gardens at Ballarat Botanic Gardens. The roses were wonderful. We then had a lovely long lunch in town and just chatted and relaxed. Felt good just to connect. Here are just a few of the wonderful flowers.

I captured all this gloriousness with my new Tamron 70-300mm lens. Totally loving everything about this lens. I’ve never really been a zoom shooter, so I was a bit shocked how much I have been enjoying it.

It was awesome just to drive the 2 hours to Ballarat, sun shining and good tunes on the stereo, just me and my thoughts. Do you ever do that? I am not normally into long drives (by myself at any rate), but it felt good just to escape lockdown.

~ Julz