Monday’s Musings

Sadly today marks the end of my holidays, time to get back to work. I did have a relaxing break, a few day trips (San Remo which I posted last week, and Cloudehill Gardens which I will post this week). I caught up with a few friends, had a quiet Christmas and got to play with some stuff in the studio. Like the Splash one below…will do a post of two on this, so much fun.


This week I have some paperwork and organizing to do, but then I have studio shoots arranged for Wednesday – Friday…so much fun, but it will keep me busy lol. I have three next week too, Yay!

I’ve also started organising workshops and presentations and such, Jan thru to April, is starting to get busy. I just hope it can stay that way…fingers crossed.

Thanks to some poor choices by government authorities we have again got some cases of COVID19, after nearly 60 days without a case we again have outbreaks. Hopefully they can put a stop to it again. Sadly, until we get a vaccine, I feel this is now going to be a constant occurrence like the flu. We just have to learn to live with it and manage it. It’s just that it is so much worse than the standard flu.

Well, not much more to say, so I will leave it here…stay safe

~ Julz