Wrong Turns

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wrong Turns.”

Anyone who knows me, or has followed my blog for a while knows, I a klutz, with no sense of direction; I freely admit it, I own it. Some say it is because of my creative soul, I see things that could be in stead of what is, maybe – maybe not. Perhaps it is genetics, I know the clumsy part is, my mother, my aunts, my grand mother, we are a family of walking natural disasters. Apparently it seems to get worse as we get older, or the falls, bumps and bruises just hurt more?

I must have slept in the day thy handed out the genetic markers for direction, I have none – seriously none! Sure I get my self from point A to point B, but it usually takes a map, GPS and a lot of instruction, and I still invariably get lost. Then the other problem kicks in, when I get lost, I get panicked……I cant help it. I stress out and become really anxious; when I am on my own. If I am with MOTH, I don’t care, I honestly just don’t care.

Now take my Husband (AKA Moth), he IS A WALKING GPS, honestly he is amazing, I have never met anyone like him, one of my daughters inherited the gene, alas the other did not! Even if I am lost, I can call his phone and say I am near the corner of such and such and I’m lost, how do I get to point B from here – and he can usually tell me, with out being with me or looking at a map. He can find his way around a town we’ve never been or even a country we’ve never been. He belongs in the Guinness Book or Records!

So essentially when we are out exploring, on one of our magical mystery tours, we do NOT get lost, we find places we did not intend on going, or we take the scenic route, but we never get lost, Moth always, and I mean always gets us home. He will often joke and ask if I know where I am? frequently saying No, then he’ll turn a corner and I suddenly know the street we are on. Sometimes I surprise him and say sure we are at such and such, there are some places so ingrained in my memory from times long ago.

So if I am on my own it’s a calamity, and turns me into an emotional wreck, not a good place, but if I am with Moth, there is no other places I would rather be than lost  on the scenic route with him. Together, we have found some amazing places to explore, being lost, brings other treasures, if you can just let yourself go.

Here are a few examples of what we found while lost

Haast – New Zealand

Kamesburgh Gardens – Brighton

Beacon Cove

Hobson’s Bay Antiques

Westgate Park

Honestly there are so many more, we are explorers; Moth and I. It is such a big world, regardless of how small it sometimes appears and there are wonders in the most unexpected places. So, as long as you have someone to hold your hand, keep you safe and guide you home after your journey, it can be fun to be lost  ummm on ‘The Scenic Route’.

– Julz