Australia Day 2016

Well, yes, this is a bit late………more of a re cap really. Apart from a half ass attempt 12 months ago in NZ, this is really my first attempt at shooting fire works. We met up with my Tog Peeps for the Australia Day Fireworks in the City, we met at 6pm and the show started at 9:45pm…………made for a long day. It was also a very long walk, and no amenities! Oh dear lord what we do for a shot! The silly thing is we thought perhaps we were too close to the firework barges and moved a few hundred metres away; not the best plan,. but still got some great shots first time out.

7 thoughts on “Australia Day 2016

  1. “Dear lord…”? I thought you’re a… 🙂
    I rate a thousand points on my card for your fireworks photography. Really like them a lot. Magnifique! Bravo! (Standing ovation with the hall filled with flying hats and a massive sound of hands clapping…)

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