A little Spark for your Thursday…

Last week I posted about an artistic collaboration between myself and Leslie Noyes Images and Imaginings, well we have been busy creating a few more Spark presentations; here is a new one

Meditation Song

Julie Powell_Floating on Inspiration_2000

I am the tuning fork, a shimmering frisson of vibration calling the heart to harmony

I am also the rock, though, throwing ripples concentrically across once calmed waters

Peace and chaos vie for my soul, my meditation song pulled from the place of light

Spilling haphazardly across the courtyard where I tend tightly ordered rows of flowers

Regimental form forced on blood red roses contrary to their petals’ better nature,

Never certain which will win the day, tranquility or turmoil, I toil with hope and a smidgen of fear.

Original poem by Leslie Noyes

Til Next time, happy snapping

~ Julz