52 Week Challenge -Week 38

This week’s 52 Week Challenge is Week 38 – HDR or Panorama. Wanting to do something a little different and expand on my Light Wand experience I created this 7 shot HDR Stitch with different exposures and different lighting through the RGB Spectrum on the light wand; ISO 100, F/22, 35mm approx exposure is 0.6 to 1 seconds. Put together in Photoshop, I also added a little texture.


ISO100, F/22, 35mm Various exposure times from 0.6 – 1 second

A HDR is usually creating by blending different exposures of the same shot, a few under exposed and a few over exposed to get better High Dynamic Range (HDR) in an image. This HDR does give me more details in the blacks and whites……so it is HDR, just not what most people think of.

Here’s hoping for a brilliant weekend…

~ Julz

6 thoughts on “52 Week Challenge -Week 38

  1. Beautiful. I am NOT a fan of overly processed photos that look almost nauseatingly dreamlike and of another world. That said, my husband has been reading a lot about HDR and tells me almost exactly what you’ve written above. So perhaps HDR gets a bad rap simply because folks abuse it (and other post-processing tools) to such absurdly high levels of saturation!

    In any case, great photo!

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