Mondays Musings

Happy New Year, 2018!

This is an old photo before I picked up a proper DSLR camera, from 2013 and my little point and shoot Olympus, taken at Cape Tribulation in Far North Queensland. So why am I showing it? Well, I am currently in Brisbane, I don’t really have any photos of Brisbane, I honestly cannot even remember the last time I was here, perhaps a drive-by when the kids were toddlers or when I was a kid? So this was from my last trip to Queensland, I will rectify this while we are away. Can’t believe it was 5 years ago since I have been to Queensland.


All posts this week will probably be pre-scheduled, I may pop in with a pic or two from time to time. We are visiting our Youngest daughter and her Husband whom we have not seen in several months since they moved up to Brisbane.

We have lots of plans for things to do and see while we are here, I just hope it is not too hot, nor wet while we are here. Oh and of course I will take lots of photos of my new grand fur babies, Malfy the cat and Kira the dog, neither of which I have met face to face as yet.

My own fur babies? They will be at home under the care of my eldest daughter, the dogs even got taken to a New Year’s Eve Party last night (cannot leave them alone during fireworks), so hopefully they were well behaved!

I had a quiet Christmas and the week since has just been relaxing at home, to the point I actually got bored! I eventually broke free for the day on Friday, before a fresh round of storms hit Melbourne, I will post some pics soon. I will ‘see’ you all when I get back home next week.

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and adventurous new year.

~ Julz