Heading home

It feels like I have been gone so long, but it was over in the blink of an eye at the same time. Funny how holidays can do that or is it just me? Spent a lovely week in Brisbane, spent quality downtime with my daughter and son in law, and of course my furry grandchildren. Both Malfy the cat and Kira the dog are 12 weeks old and rambunctious, full of life and just want to play.

I can scarcely believe my daughter has been gone nearly four months, she has her new life and her little family. They have settled into their own routines and life, new friends and has truly left the family nest. I must confess to bursting into tears on the morning we left when I hugged her goodbye. 😓

We covered a lot of Brisbane and surrounding areas, but as always so much to see. We did Redlands, Richlands, Byron Bay, Mount Coot-tha, Glass House Mountains, Australia Zoo, Brisbane City, Bridges, Beaches, South Bank and much, much more.

It was hot and humid, but earlier in the week to extremes. We had grey skies and drizzle for the first three days until it finally cleared up. We saw no sunrise or sunset to speak of. Sunrise is like 4.50am so its a challenge getting up and anywhere that early. Apart from which either too many or not enough clouds to produce anything decent. Sunset no better.

We did no touristy shopping either, but we did eat out a bit. We did lots of kms and many hours of driving and even drove back into NSW for a day.😁

I’m not sure what I enjoyed most, Night Cap Nature Park and Cleveland Point have to be in the top five. Byron Bay lighthouse was magnificent, but so packed with tourists it was difficult to truly enjoy its natural beauty. Brisbane city is very pretty on the river, day or night. Story Bridge is awesome as well. South Bank is much nicer and cooler than Melbourne’s, it had such a lively atmosphere, eateries, pubs, music and of course, the man-made beach.

Of course we actually spent quite a bit of time relaxing as well, we got up early to beat the heat, and spent the middle of the day with my daughter and escaped the hottest part of the day. we would then head out again in the late afternoon. We did have a few all day trips, which involved leaving early and getting back at dinner time. We also spent the whole day with my family on my daughters only full day off while we were there, exploring the city and cooking a big home-cooked meal. Six days is just not enough time, but I am glad to be heading home at the same time. As I sit on the plane…screaming toddler in the next row over, who can still be heard over noise-canceling headphones (seriously 2 and.5 hours of screaming no, only to shut up the minute the plane landed and fell asleep!), and contemplate the gale force headwinds and 42°C plus heat we have waiting for us at Melbourne. 😐

I am sitting here finally drinking a lactose-free Iced Coffee and uploading my photos, while I write the last of this (Most written on the plane), I will have many, many photos to share, soon, very, very soon. Meanwhile, here is a night shot of Story Bridge, with Brisbane in the background.