Photobook Frenzy

Now I know Photobooks are not entirely a new thing, I have actually made several, a Baby Book for my great Nephew, a Poem book, a Children’s Alphabet Book, My Dapper Rabbit series even had its own book, but up until now, I have not done a Holiday book.

Slack and lazy, but I was spurred into action by a friend and just sat down and did some, she has done quite a few of a European Holiday after I gave her a voucher and showed her how to do it, I was flicking through some of hers and they looked great. I had my own vouchers to use as well. So this week I have been very industrious, as I have not been overloaded with work and created three books so far;

  • Bali – 60 Page
  • Tasmania #1 – 120 page
  • Tasmania #2 – 40 pages

I plan on doing a book for Our Outback Adventure, Central Australia, Great Ocean Road and Maybe even Brisbane. I will not bother at this stage with New Zealand, because we are going back in February!

So what do you do with all your holiday snaps?

~ Julz