Monday’s Musings

Wow, what a weekend, amazing what you can do, when you have nothing planned and you just see where the day takes you?  Friday afternoon I played in PS and created this gorgeous piece Shoot for the Moon, none of it my photos or anything, all class content from the Photoshop Awake course and such…… good just to play.

Shoot for the Moon

Slept in both days, now that’s rare to start with. I spent some time pottering in the studio and playing with some Christmas lights and stuff for a Spark for Kim Klassen Studio 2.0 ‘The Pour’, and my 52 week challenge of Green, OK so I might have got a wee bit carried away, but such fun.


Then I drove out to meet my new friend Phillip……..he collects vintage and retro junk and restores it, I didn’t want mine restored, so we cut a deal on a few keys pieces…….he tried to send me home with loads more. I was good I resisted, but I will probably be back, I left him my business card and asked him to ring me if he comes across anything of interest.


Just going through his shed was fun, so much vintage and retro, also some old war memorabilia and records, books, kids toys, furniture and surfboards.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon in the studio, playing with my new finds

The latest edition of Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine came out featuring my Friend Tony Stephenson as guest artist and showcased his wonderful work, and two of my images were showcased as well, as well as the launch of our Brand New Kaizen project, read more here…………….good weekend so far!

Sunday was a lazy day, some more rummaging for another project I have in mind, some food shopping and pottering around in the studio again with some small pumpkins I finally managed to locate.


Here’s hoping you all have a fabulous week, and happy snapping…

~ Julz