Spring Outings – Yarra Glen

On the Saturday we had torrential downpours, hail and in some places even snow -(OK, Melbourne you’ve had your joke, only 5 weeks til Summer, get your act together!), so we thought visiting Alowyn Gardens on the Sunday was a brilliant idea.

I completely missed out a few weeks back as I was ill and I really wanted to visit them again this Spring, this was my only real opportunity for quite a while, so we just did it, I took a couple of friends with us who had never been before, shame they missed the garden in ALL their glory, but it was still a beautiful morning out, albeit a bit cold still. But rugged up in all our Winter Woollies, we drive to Yarra Glen, grabbed a coffee and wandered around the beautiful French inspired gardens, they were setting up for a wedding that afternoon and there was also a wedding shoot going on while we were there, so I snuck a few pics of the bride and groom and even the cake! Unfortunately I missed the wisteria again, and many of the water Iris were badly damaged and faded, not a patch on last year. As we have been before, Moth decided to practice with the Macro lens only and I was focusing on still life aspects and flowers only. My friends were shooting anything and everything and oohing and aahing at every corner…..they really need to come back and see it in all it’s glory (and so do we).

We then went next door to the Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, where we bought some lovely Gluten and Dairy Free yummies and then also had lunch on the heated deck overlooking the valley……….such a fabulous lunch, good friends and a great view.

We then headed over to Yellingbo, where Camelot Castle receptions was hosting a Medieval Festival. I have been past this place many times and also yearned to see what was inside, as it is usually by appointment or functions only. Due to lingering (and waiting) far too long over our lunch we only had 45 minutes here, but it was plenty of time, the actual reception venue itself was not really all that exciting, nor castle like as such, not like Kryal Kastle. However, the people in costume were wondrous and varied, mostly from the Gippsland Sword Play Group. I struck up a conversation with Daniel from the group and promptly a few picks and managed to get myself (and Hubby) invited to photograph a session……….more on that later. So we snapped a few pics of various people and the wonderful Yellingbo CFA (Country Fire Authority) Volunteers, made a charitable donation to such a worthy cause and then headed onto our next location.

As it really was not that far away I wanted to head back to Mount Burnett, I knew the Observatory would be closed, but I really love the view of the valley from up there.With all the rain we have had it was so impossibly green, that will change as soon as Summer gets here.


It was then time to head home, but it had been a delightful day out with some good friends, we even got a bit of sunshine on our way home.

Til next time, happy snapping…

~ Julz