Our New Zealand Adventure – Day 9

Day 9 we finally got to revisit Wai-O-Tapu thermal pools, this location is in part a driving force to getting us back to New Zealand, our last trip we had a brisk 45-minute walk and only managed the first track (There are three). See the pics from our first visit here

We woke to a cool, cloudy day, perfect conditions, we managed all three tracks (it took just over 3 hours), plus Lady Knox Geyser and The Mud Pools, nearly killed me – but I did it and so totally worth it, Moth was happy as a pig in mud lol…he loves this place.

Lady Knox Geyser

This erupts every day at 10:15am with a little help from a Park Ranger, not to be missed, although I don’t think it got as high as last time, read all about how, why and who here

Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland


Visiting Wai-O-Tapu is like visiting an Alien landscape, weird rock formations, craters, over the top saturated colours and REALLY awful smells…but it is SO COOL! If you are not into weird geology then perhaps move one, but look a little closer and there is so much beauty to be found. Visit the website for a little more info

We visited the Champagne Pools, the Artists Pallet, The Craters, Devils Bath, Lake Ngakoro and a few other strange and wondrous features, all natural occurrences here in the park. The brilliant colours are caused by various minerals in the water such as Sulphur, Iron Oxide, Manganese Oxide and Cinnabar.

Once we had seen our fill, and refreshed with coffee and cold drinks, we headed off for the Mud Pools, oozy, gooey, muddy, disgusting, smelly pools of cool!

As much fun as it is, even hypnotising, watching all the bubbles explode and trying to capture the action, at the end of the day how many photos do you really need? PLUS…I had a soaking in a hot mineral spring calling my name, believe me after today I earned it! If I had known what was ahead of me, I may have waited but that is for tomorrow!

We spent a wonderful afternoon soaking in the Public baths this time (last time the Deluxe Spa…worth every penny, the Public Adult pools are so noisy! Then an exciting evening doing laundry…nope no photos of that, would not want you to pass out from excitement!

~ Julz

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